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The Ruling Class and the US Constitution

Are you a student of World History? You should be. It gives you a great perspective on what's going on today.

Look back in time to before the 1770-1780's. Prior to that time, regular people had few rights. Land was controlled by pharaohs, emperors, kings, queens, dukes and dictators.

You lived on their land at their pleasure. You did what they said or you paid the price. Some of them were kind, some were despots.

These rulers all had one thing in common. They had a ruling class of people under them that allowed them to stay in power. It was impossible for a ruler to rule thousands by him / herself.

To keep the ruling class happy, the ruler would shower gifts and benefits onto them. This is simple reciprocity. If you were lucky enough to be in the ruling class, you got all sorts of goodies.

Land grants were one of these things. Look back at the late 1600's and early 1700's here in the USA. The king of England, to reward those that kept him in power, gave away large tracts of land to his buddies.

These members of the ruling class would then sell off tracts of the massive land grants to cash in.

How does this relate to what's happening today? I maintain that ALL of the US Presidents are guilty of feathering the nests of their buddies that got them into office.

It's the same mechanics that have happened all along. It's all about reciprocity.

The campaign donors get guaranteed loans. Look at the Solyndra scandal. Look at all the *green energy* projects. Do you REALLY think that all those horrific windmills you see are for our benefit? No way. Those are payoffs to the people that put the leaders in power.

My point is that none of this is new and that the only difference now is that the wealthy ruling class here in the USA are actively trying to turn back the hands of time.

They don't like all the rights we were granted in the US Constitution. They're working hard each day to dismantle the US Constitution because they want you and I to have to ask their permission to do anything and everything.

Don't believe me?

Then explain this. When was the last time you read a story about thousands of laws being repealed? You don't because it doesn't happen.


Each time a new law is passed, you lose more of your freedom. That's a fact.

Each time a new regulation is written by an invisible unelected bureaucrat, you lose MORE of your freedom. That's a fact.

When will you finally throw a brick through a government office window during a protest?

My guess is when you finally have NOTHING ELSE to lose.

You need to get up off the couch and do something before you lose another one of your rights.

You need to become a true activist.

Posting things on Facebook doesn't count. Attending a local tea party meeting doesn't make you an activist.

You need to go out and engage other people. You need to go out and spread the facts. You need to get ACTIVE.

If you don't, I guarantee you that you or your children will become a REPEAT of history. The US Constitution will lie shredded under the rotunda of the US Capital while the Ruling Class dances on top of it.

Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Posted by Tim Carter at 9:11 AM

Official Granite State Future Website Missing Details

On Thursday, January 30, 2014 Gerald Coogan, an unelected official who's on the payroll of the Lakes Region Planning Commission, wrote a letter to another newspaper in the area. He wanted to inform the public about the *official* website for the massive Federal top-down planning program called the Granite State Future.

Posted by Tim Carter at 10:27 AM

Christopher Boothby Same Old Same Old

Christopher Boothby is a politician running for NH Executive Council. I've got evidence he's just more of the same old s * * * . Don't believe me? Continue reading

Posted by Tim Carter at 10:20 AM

Granite State Future - Taxpayers May Be On Hook to Repay Federal Government

When you enter into a contract with someone, it's a good idea to fulfill the terms of the contract. If you don't believe me, take a look at what's going on in Cincinnati, OH.

Posted by Tim Carter at 6:59 AM

NH GOP Ignores Tea Party

For nearly three years I've been the poster boy for the Lakes Region Tea Party in central New Hampshire. We developed a reputation for being one of the most active Tea Parties in New Hampshire.

The issue in New Hampshire, and I believe other states, is the Republican Elite have drifted far to the left of their platform and true died-in-the-wool conservative principals. If you don't believe me, do a little research on President John F. Kennedy. You'll discover he would be considered a moderate Republican today. He was a Democrat back in the early 1960's.

The New Hampshire Republican Party won't give the Tea Party the time of day, much less a seat at the table with respect to forming policy or decisions.

You know why? Because they feel they don't need to listen to us. They feel we'll vote for their candidate come election time. I'd say it's time for a wake up call.

I propose conservatives stage a vote strike. If there's no true conservative candidate on the ballot, then we decide NOT TO VOTE for the RINO the NH GOP has in place on the ballot.

To prove to you the NH GOP is ignoring the Tea Party, I submit to you the following graphics. I reached out to Ms. Jennifer Horn, the leader of the NH GOP earlier this week. I just asked her to call me. After all, we're on the same team trying to beat back the liberal tsunami.

I filled out the contact form at the NH GOP website just after 7 a.m. on December 3, 2013. Since I don't want haters calling me and stopping by my house, I blocked out my address and phone number. Check out what I sent to Ms. Horn :


You may wonder if she received the request for the phone call. The answer is a big YES.

Look at what I saw as soon as I clicked the Submit button. They thanked me for my comment / suggestion:


I didn't get a call all that day from anyone. Late the next day, December 4, 2013, I sent an email to their published email address:


Here it is, Friday, December 6, 2013 and I've not received a call nor email reply from the NH GOP.

If that's how they treat their friends, who needs enemies?

Shame on you Jennifer Horn. I'll leave you with this great saying my father-in-law taught me. Jennifer, are you still listening? I hope you are, because this is aimed at you and all other elite politicians that ignore the masses:

The mills of the gods grind slowly but thoroughly.

Indeed they do. All you have to do is study history and see what happens when enough people feel pain. We're very very close to that now here in the USA.

Posted by Tim Carter at 7:47 AM

Peter M Sullivan NH House Rep Has an Attitude

Just before Thanksgiving I submitted a letter to the editor to all the New Hampshire newspapers about the bad behavior of Peter M. Sullivan, a NH House Representative.

A New Hampshire woman, Barbara Howard, did the correct thing and sent Mr. Sullivan an email on December 4, 2013 about his comments concerning Representative Garcia.

Here's what she sent:

"Dear Mr. Sullivan,

Thank you for showing all the world how small you are both intellectually and morally. Thank you for being the poster boy for what is wrong in today's world. Your supporters will most likely think twice about you next vote.

Remember, what goes around comes around - brace yourself because, my guess is, being the little man you are, your over inflated ego can't handle people pointing at you in pity and disgust.

You are a disgrace!

Barbara Howard"

The next day Mr. Sullivan sent this response to Barbara:


I haven't received a single complaint from a constituent. On the contrary, several have contacted me to say that they know this is a partisan witch hunt.

My neighbors know me better than Howie Carr or any Washington DC talking head.



Note that he didn't walk back his comments and he didn't apologize for his sexist remarks. If you voted for Mr. Sullivan and are a woman, are you still happy with your choice?

If so, that tingling feeling on your back is a vacuum cleaner.

Posted by Tim Carter at 5:11 PM

Peter M Sullivan NH Rep Attack on Women

Here's a letter to the editor I sent to all New Hampshire newspapers about two weeks ago.

Dear Editor:

Imagine this if you will. I'm a woman and you're a man. We're supposed to be working together to make New Hampshire a better place. We're supposed to co-operate. We may disagree from time to time, but that's how it goes in the real world.

But one day you become green with envy. You let your true feelings flow through your fingertips out to the whole world on Twitter by posting this about me:

"She's Al Baldasarro in stiletto heels, a lightweight and O'Brien clone."

What kind of man would do that? If you were married to this man, would you be happy with him? How many nights would you make him sleep on the couch?

If you were this man's daughter, would you be proud of your daddy? Would you want him to walk you down the aisle arm in arm surrounded by other women?

If you were this man's pastor, would you mention him in a sermon holding him up as a great moral example others should follow?

Democratic State Representative Peter Sullivan said those disparaging comments about Republican State Representative Marilinda Garcia just after she announced she's running for US Congress. The best thing you can say about Peter Sullivan is he's a cad.

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of politicians who have no class and are sexist. I'm not a trained psychologist, but Representative Sullivan's tweet drips of professional envy.

How many women out there are going to rise up and demand an apology from Representative Sullivan? Or don't you care? Are you going to let him get away with this? If you remain quiet, then don't get upset when men treat you like a throw rug and walk all over you.

I'll make it easy for you to chew Peter out. I'd suggest you give Peter a call and give him a piece of your mind, but he's cancelled the service on his 603-647-5453 phone number. My guess is lots of upset women have already called. You may just want to email him:

Posted by Tim Carter at 5:04 PM

Clearing Obamacare Train Wreck From the Tracks

I've built websites since 1995. You know the Obamacare website is nothing more than a shopping cart, right?

Posted by Tim Carter at 10:37 AM


"If you like your health care plan, you can keep it. PERIOD" Guess what, President Obama is a bold faced LIAR.

Posted by Tim Carter at 2:52 PM

Kelly Ayotte Sells Herself to Highest Bidder

It's been two days since US Senator Kelly Ayotte (RINO - NH) sold herself. I'm not talking about her body, I'm talking about her soul.

Posted by Tim Carter at 8:44 AM