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Healthcare Update

Two issues ago, I believe, I asked for stories from Canadians and Texans. Well, our neighbors to the north came through. I loaded the emails to my blog. They are UNEDITED. If you discover spelling, grammatical, etc. errors, they are *not* mine. I wanted you to see what I got. Here are links to the stories I received:

Posted by Tim Carter at 12:53 PM

The Nobel Prize published an interesting story about the most recent winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Even the liberal New York Times had a similar story.

They said, "Normally the prize has been presented, even controversially, for accomplishment."

Posted by Tim Carter at 12:47 PM

Get Involved This Saturday!

I made it to Washington, DC, on September 12th for the historic march. That may have been a hardship for you. But you very possibly can have the same impact in a few days. Do you have just 90 minutes to spare on Saturday?

Posted by Tim Carter at 12:45 PM

Cash for Clunkers

I've been put on all sorts of private mailing lists over the past few months. You may be someone who's done this. Moments ago I got this email. Note: I've NOT taken the time to verify any of what's in this, but much of it is very true and that which I can't prove - the part about car dealers selling for full retail - is plausible because of the frantic buying - scarcity - that was going on.

Posted by Tim Carter at 12:31 PM

Dollar's Demise

As always, there's just too much to talk about here. I went online Monday to discover this headline story at FoxNews: Dollar's Demise. I then went to the all the other mainstream media news web sites and there was not one thing on the home pages about this. When an important story like this that's directly tied to your financial security and future is not on the radar screen of your primary news source, you better start second guessing who you get information from.

Posted by Tim Carter at 12:26 PM