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Dark Skies

I'm fortunate to live in an area now where you can see the Milky Way Galaxy when the moon starts to wane and rises later each night. For over fifty years I rarely saw the stars because of all the light pollution, air pollution and haze in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Posted by Tim Carter at 6:10 PM

Before Christmas, my wife Kathy alerted me to a website that's doing their best to educate citizens about the burgeoning US National Debt.

Posted by Tim Carter at 5:02 PM

Munfordville KY Restaurant Tax

Jim Skees wrote me today with a great story. He's a subscriber to the Fire Pit and the McDonalds restaurant in Munfordville, KY passed through the drive-through window a piece of straw plus two coffees. I'm not talking a drinking straw. Think of the one that you'd put on a camel's back.

Posted by Tim Carter at 2:29 PM

111th Congress and the Stink Bug Party

The 111th Congress finished their business over the past few days, and it reminds me of the odor that you get when a toilet gasket fails. Yes, they created quite a stink.

Posted by Tim Carter at 7:18 AM

Estate Tax

Currently there's no Federal Estate Tax. It's a long story, but in this calendar year of 2010 anyone who died, their heirs got a free pass. You know George Steinbrenner's family was jumping up and down!

Posted by Tim Carter at 8:01 AM

Free Ward Bird

Only two people were there at Ward Bird's property that day in New Hampshire. Ward and a woman trespasser.

Posted by Tim Carter at 12:04 PM

Taxes Stay-the-Same Bill and Unemployment

Today the posturing continues. I'm talking about the end-of-year mess the 111th Congress finds itself. They're running out of time to keep taxes at their current level or allow them to go up.

Posted by Tim Carter at 10:07 AM

James Selm and several others have contacted me after my recent post about the Dream Act. They wanted me to talk about an organization that's trying to get out facts about illegal immigration.

Posted by Tim Carter at 10:12 AM

Balancing the Budget - Michigan Could Blaze the Trail

My very good friend Chuck Eglinton, who's the founder of and, sent me a link to a story in the Detroit Free Press yesterday. It appears it might not be too hard to wipe out Michigan's $1.7B (billion) deficit.

Posted by Tim Carter at 8:25 AM

Dream Act, Illegal Aliens and Belmont Firearms

The 111th Congress is about to wrap up its business. In January 2011, the 112th Congress rolls up its sleeves. But our current representatives are bound and determined to win over eight figures worth of future voters.

Posted by Tim Carter at 7:42 AM

Redneck Misunderestimated Teabaggers and Hitler

My very good friend Dan Murray emailed me this afternoon. Dan's a very smart and successful entrepreneur, but he's a little softer around the edges than I am politically. That's okay as it allows us to agree on many things and have some spirited discussions on other things. One thing's for sure, don't underestimate his competitive spirit. He'll sail past you on a paddleboard.

Posted by Tim Carter at 4:23 PM

Gas Mileage and Future New Car Prices

My best friend, Richard Anderson, is a heating and air-conditioning contractor. As happens with many as they get older, he's got a touch of cynicism. I can clearly remember conversations with him that centered around Freon.

Posted by Tim Carter at 7:03 AM

Golf Rules - Redistribution, Fairness, Equality and Oh Yes, Those Bush Tax Cuts

I happen to play golf. For the past two years I've been under the tutelage of Joel Suggs. Joel's advice has done wonders for my game. Not only is he getting me to hit the ball with my club in the swing plane, but he's also explained the game is about distance, not necessarily direction. Sounds crazy, but it's true.

Posted by Tim Carter at 8:30 AM

Government Taketh and Taketh and Taketh

My dear wife Kathy sent me a link to a funny video by Tim Hawkins. It's been viewed millions of times. You'll see why when you watch it.

Posted by Tim Carter at 4:42 PM