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Balancing the Budget - Michigan Could Blaze the Trail

My very good friend Chuck Eglinton, who's the founder of and, sent me a link to a story in the Detroit Free Press yesterday. It appears it might not be too hard to wipe out Michigan's $1.7B (billion) deficit.

I've talked about this in past posts of mine here at the Fire Pit. But my knife would cut far deeper. I'm still a proponent of a 35 percent pay and benefit cut to all Federal employees, except for anyone in uniform. After all, those in the military are why I'm allowed to write these words and you're able to read them.

Chuck sent me the link to the Detroit Free Press story at the end of a conversation we were having about my Dream Act post from two days ago.

When we first started talking, Chuck commented that he understands why some politicians want to have illegal aliens pay taxes to help fund the entitlements for the aging USA population. Chuck is in favor of giving productive illegal aliens a fast track to become Americans by attending college or serving in the military, as was suggested by the "Dream Act," but he isn't necessarily in favor of allowing non-productive illegal aliens participate in entitlements that they don't deserve.

Our discussion was centered around some facts in a book by Harry Dent called
The Great Depression Ahead: How to Prosper in the Debt Crisis of 2010 - 2012. These facts are not new, it's just that most politicians up until now have buried their heads in the sand about the aging US population. They don't want to pay the toll at the voting booth each November.

The bottom line is that if the current entitlement programs, as well as that horrid Health Care Bill signed into law in March of 2010, continue in their current form, the cost to pay for them will be on the shoulders of a smaller group of working Americans.

Chuck commented that as the US population ages, the older folk won't be paying as much in taxes, but they'll likely still need infrastructure to survive. In the history of the world, it's always been the new young workers who pay taxes. They're the ones that typically create innovation and drive the economy.

He further stated that retirement is a ponzi scheme, and with our declining birth rate we need young people from somewhere to shore up the Madoff Madness we now have.

Chuck and I talked about what happens in the real world when expenses start to get bigger than income. In most instances, people cut back on spending except for the bare necessities to survive.

We're at that point here now in the USA. We're in the survival mode and don't try to fool yourself.

Of course I bristled at Chuck's position to have the illegal aliens help pay for our sins. If I remember correctly, they wouldn't be illegal, as Chuck would like to see some sort of amnesty as proposed in the Dream Act. It's important to note that Chuck had yet to bring up to me what Mike Bishop was proposing in Michigan.

Here's what I said in the call. I propose a three-pronged attack to solve the looming entitlement crisis, as well as much of our deficit woes. Have I got the hard numbers to ensure it will work? No, but by gosh if Michigan can do it, we can go a long way to solving our financial issues by manning up to them. Here's my rough outline:

Step 1. Repeal the monster Health Care Bill and deliver the bad news to USA citizens that Chris Christie's been doing in New Jersey. We're going to have to make significant changes to Social Security and Medicare. The bottom line is that many US citizens are going to have to get fewer benefits and work much longer.

Step 2. STOP crazy spending on crazy pork-barrel projects. Just as in real life when time gets tough you don't go out to eat, you don't go on the expensive vacations, etc. We need to STOP spending money on all things that are NOT essential until such time as we get the debt paid way down and the economy running on 12 cylinders.

Step 3. Initiate my pay cuts to government employees. If they don't like it, they can resign and scratch out a living with the rest of us here in the private sector.

Do these three things and I guarantee you that we can balance the budget, or get darn close, like Michigan is going to do.

Let the Comments begin!


You Betcha, Tim - I'm with you all the way:)

Glen on December 12, 2010 6:11 PM

I just can't beleive that the Republicians call this last budget/tax cut deal a good deal. This is bad for the country, our lawmakers need to vote for the country not their next election. The Chinese are going to call in their markers and we won't be able to pay them.

I for one am sick of the political mess we have in Washington and think we actually need to redo our government like it was when the founding fathers put it together - that is after the Whiskey Rebellion!

Sam Elbe on December 12, 2010 6:24 PM

Dear Tim,
While I can understand your posits I am afraid from an economic analysts viewpoint, they amount to nothing more than an oversimplified approach to economic reality? One must have a very clear understanding of the rippling effects of every micro and macro economic policy, as and when applied to the general economy, before one confidently implements any changes! For instance your remark to "repeal the healthcare bill". While ideologically popular to a certain segment of the population (from which you can always rely upon support), unless you include a definitive plan for it's replacement, you are simply positing an ideological solution to an economic problem. Those ignorant of any real facts may well be your biggest supporters? This does not make it right! In other words you propose an unscientific response to a problem that requires intimate analysis and understanding. I cannot in fairness comment on "Pork barrel" items, as this appears to be a uniquely American political reality. But I again iterate that without a full analysis, change for changes sake becomes anarchy, does it not?

Again to unilaterally attack the general incomes of a segment of your own society, simply because they are employed by the "government" is also not supported by any factual evidence that this would produce either a satisfactory outcome, socially or economically? It simply amounts to a punishment dynamic because they are public servants? What do you base these tenets of your program of reform upon? To develop a change platform such as you are proposing, would require significant and substantive backup. Even if you chose to run for office? One can easily "parrot" punditry that is popular, as is the habit of our lesser media stars, but when one has to actually build the building one better know how to use a trowel! Don't you think?

james M. Convey on December 12, 2010 6:41 PM

Wish I had pay to be cut from! wright now The snow is coming down to hard to think around here and I am sure they will use this as we are broke we need more money! I say Impeachment is in order if he take another ride on air force one! Vacation in the united states mr pres!

Pat M on December 12, 2010 6:41 PM

Balancing the budget has got to be the priority in Congress, and I thought we sent that message in November. However,the Republicans have already become party to a Christmas wish list that was originally concerned only with continuing the present tax rates and getting the economy going again. If families cannot spend themselves into prosperity, how in the world does the federal government think it can do so? Maybe each of us should try printing our own money when we incur debts that we cannot pay? You all know where that would get us. I would like so badly to go to Washington, D.C. and kick some asses. What can they be thinking!!!?

Dale Glass-hess on December 12, 2010 7:07 PM

Tim, you have it dead on. keep it up

George Gilbert on December 12, 2010 8:03 PM

Your idea to reduce fed workers' salaries by 35% is unrealistic and unfair. There are thousands of honest fed workers who do a tremendous job and put in an honest day's work; there are also thousands who are dead wood and it is those who need to be eliminated. Don't punish all because of many. The fed workforce can be reduced by no new hires and no replacing retirees. Also, thin the workforce by an immediate close look at those hired in the last 2 1/2 years before they reach civil service status at 3 years and those on temporary status. Gvt bosses can justify the need of any position--this must be done by private sector experienced efficiency experts who can track what each employee does and if/how essential the position.

COMMENT BY Tim Carter:


You may be new to the Fire Pit. Did you read this post of mine from November 20, 2010? It should help give you some perspective about my feelings concerning the pay level of Federal Employees.

If you need more information on the topic, just Google it. Try these keyword phrases in Google:

federal pay levels
federal pay raises
federal pay vs. private sector

It's very important you realize that the private sector completely carries all the water. You do know what that means don't you? In other words everyone working in the private sector pays both the wages, taxes AND the benefits of every Federal employee. They don't contribute one penny to the pot. It's the private sector's creation of profit that pays for all Federal employee costs.

If we in the private sector are suffering and have to cut back, it's only fair that the same thing happens to the Federal employees.

Be sure you do the math. See how the average pay of the Federal employee is so much higher than that of the private sector? I'd say it's time for some redistribution of wealth, don't you? Wink, wink. :->>> Meaning, let's have them give back to those who have less.

rosa gale on December 12, 2010 8:19 PM

I have to believe John Maynard Keynes is laughing very hard at the perversions articulated as Keynesian economics today. All politicians and most of the talking-head economists fail to comprehend the timeframe of Keynes' perspective.

It is too long term to suit their political agenda or quelch the concerns and apprehensions of an impatient society. That said, both the first stimulus and the current proposal are Keynesian in nature, but very different in their impact on the economy.

Most of the first stimulus went to one of two places, directly to states to help them fill their deficits and allow them to perpetuate their spending. Solving nothing and only postponing the inevitable. The second was predominantly tax credits for business investment.

Last time I checked, the business community's level of capital spending has fallen off the cliff, while their cash levels have reached historic all-time highs. A bandaid on a broken leg and a flu shot for malaria.

We wonder why the economy continued to languish. While I hate the idea of adding to the debt, the current proposal has a much higher probability of stimulating job growth and growing the economy.

Less then 24 hours following the proposal, economists around the world were raising their estimates for US GDP growth for next year and beyond. Ballpark numbers were from two and one-half percent to three and one-half percent. One percent is a huge number, equally important it takes our economy from just above stall speed to a rate where we can pull back on the stick and climb.

Mark Billings on December 12, 2010 8:21 PM


Mona Greer on December 12, 2010 9:31 PM

Rather than making uneducated and emotional guesses on how to balance the budget I would think that we would want to discuss some hard numbers. The attached website gives a more educated view on the savings from modifying various programs.

Also, why no mention of the deficit commission in this post? There was much effort and research put into developing many very good (and tough) recommendations to reduce the deficit. My guess is that because Obama and Democrats were involved many in this blog are dismissing this commission. If this is the case then you are not really interested in fixing the problem. Please do not let your partisan hatred get in the way of searching for solutions to this important problem. Encourage your elected representatives to not follow the extreme partisanship in developing solutions to our problems either.

COMMENT BY Tim Carter:


I'm speaking for myself, and I guess many others, but I can tell you that your comment is not appreciated.

It's elitest and condescending. What gives you the authority to tell others here that their comments are uneducated? What makes you an expert on the topic?

Please shed some light on that if you don't mind. I can tell you that I'm keenly interested in knowing if you've ever owned and operated your own business. Give us the executive summary of your employment history so I/we can get a handle on the lens you look through.

And as for the emotional aspect, there's absolutely nothing wrong with emotion. It telegraphs to you how US citizens feel about the out-of-control spending that's happening. The emotion I see in the comments is pretty clear. People are upset at the current - and past groups of elected officials - about deficit spending.

Bottom Line: I'm asking you to be more respectful when you post here at my blog. If you continue to make broad-brushed statements as you did in this comment, you'll not be welcome here.

John C on December 12, 2010 11:01 PM

On a slightly different subject...when I heard they were going to extend the unemployment benefits, I thought of this. How about doing some local community service in exchange for the check? After two years of not working, these folks might forget what it is to work. Maybe a broom, or a shovel, or a paint brush, doing things for others in the neighborhood might help them remember what having a job is all about. Your thoughts???

Bob Morazzi on December 12, 2010 11:02 PM

Cutting 35% for the average federal worker could be somewhat extreme for the later years of their employment. Even for them a cut would be appropriate. I think reducing the government size by 35% would be better. Our overseas military needs to come home except in those countries that want to pay the full cost of the military there, something like US Mercenaries but taking orders from our own commanders, no one else. Don't like it then we are out of here. Sure could save a lot of money on defense. Entitlements are a big deal. If the left would stop destroying our family structure then our families could take care of their own. I see how the care is given to those in need by the government. To the government caregivers it is generally only a job but to a family it is love and responsibility. Don't forget about our churches who will give care and help to others because of God's love, not to solicit another vote. Religious Values of the founding of this nation was a glue that held us together. Obama and his cronies have no feel for that concept since Obama himself was not raised even close to American Values. And his act of worshiping God is almost perverse. He wants to transform this nation into something that has nothing to do with the Constitution. Maybe the contrast that he has provided will be enough to bring us back to GOD AND COUNTRY.

Maynard E. on December 12, 2010 11:27 PM

I don't believe this is the fix. Any student of the history of our country would quickly see that up to the early 1900's our country( government) operated primarily on tariffs. We need to get back to the idea of fair trade, if countries want to do business with the US, then there has to be a balance. I personally believe that most Americans DON'T have what it takes to get back to where we need to be, they like there comforts way too much, so instead of talking about it on a forum; ask yourself this, what am I personally doing to make a difference for me and my family, once you make that decision ask the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob ( the only true GOD)for the wisdom and strength to persevere. Tim, thanks for all that you personally do for the sake of our country and the pursuit of happiness,

Ron McClelland on December 13, 2010 7:24 AM

I suspect most will agree our country needs to slow the spiraling medical cost increases. We look to congress to "fix it"but we don't define the fundamental cause of the increases. I am not an expert but I do understand the Regulatory arm of our government-those in control of medical reimbursment-have tilted the doctor's compensation to specialists away from family practitioners. They are now becoming a dying breed. The money flows to the surgical procedures.
Who controls that? Likewise the medical insurance companies now have a virtual lock on Medicare payments. Congress continues to practice social engineering with new laws like Advantage Plans that create insurance shields that turn Medicare benefits over to the insurers for a free ride through the system. Solution: just turn back the clock about twenty years and you would have a smoothly working system that everyone understood that dare I say it---worked. Roon

Ron on December 13, 2010 8:22 AM

Tim this is the last sentence of your step one (The bottom line is that many US citizens are going to have to get fewer benefits and work much longer.) I am disappointed that you suggest this.. I feel that one should be able to retire at 65 and not have to pay out as much as the Government demands now. Think about it, if one puts into the system for 48 years plus the employer matches those amounts it could add up to a tidy sum plus interest. Problem is the abuse and giveaway entitlement programs that have sucked the system dry. Why do they give our money to illegals who never put a dime into the system. Do we ever wonder why they cross the border to get here when we have so many American plants over there....

COMMENT BY Tim Carter:


My suggestion is harsh. The system was never set up to accommodate the longer life spans. When Social Security was implemented, guess what? The average life span was not what it is now.

Then there was the flood of baby boomers.

It's a ponzi scheme for a number of reasons. The worst thing is that past administrations and Congresses raided the massive annuity account and used the money for things not related to our retirements.

This tough love is happening in states like New Jersey where Chris Christie is delivering similar sobering news to the teachers unions. Past politicians made promises that just can't be kept. That's the bottom line.

I'm not happy about making the suggestion, but how do you think I feel? I've paid into the fund for the past 44 years. In the past few years the amount I've paid into the fund makes me want to cry. It's money I'll most likely never see.

You want the really bad news? I pay double what you pay - assuming you were not self-employed. Many people are unaware that folks like me that are self employed pay double what regular employees pay.

Now for the tough love. You, I and millions of others are to blame for this mess. The buck STOPS with us. Why? Because we're the BOSS of elected officials. Many of us, myself included, were asleep at the wheel while all of this was happening.

Now it's time to belly up to the bar and pay for our mistakes. How do you suggest we do it?

Tim K on December 13, 2010 8:48 AM

Social Security used to be family. The very young learned 'at the feet' of the grandparents and the working age adults did the heavy lifting. Everyody worked as a family doing what they could.
Propery was handed from generation to generation and your forefathers didn't bust their backs for nothing.
Now, it's 'Let the government take care of everybody' and family values fell by the wayside.
I don't have solutions, I'm not that smart. But I'm open to valid suggestions. Let us get back to the basics.

Patrick Coppage on December 13, 2010 10:26 AM

Cutting the salaries of government employees by 35% is not very realistic, Tim. How about just getting rid of all the Cheney/Bush/Rumsfelt privitization in the government, especially in the Department of Defense. The billions that were and continue to be wasted "building Burger Kings in Bagdad" and adding to the coffers of the Halliburton, Blackwater, and the other industrial parasites who have all built their wealth at all our expense. What is sadly true now is the reality that the Chinese are now involved in the Iraq oil production. Does this explain why Halliburton moved their corporate headquarters to Dubai a few years ago? Or, even better why Chinese investers bought a third of Chesapeake Energy, which is now drilling and exploring heavily here in South Texas? My point is that John's previous post about uneducated and emotional guesses is not condesending and elitist as you suggest,Tim. Bottom line is the power struggle to control the energy resouces of the world. What we now see is the beginning of the unfolding of the Cheney/Bush cabal of corporate wheeling and dealing at the expense of us all. But, one would believe by the double-standard concept it is quite all right to get into cahoots with bonafide Chinese Communists, as long as it is generated by that "great patriot" Dick Cheney.

Barry E.-Catarina,TX on December 13, 2010 1:04 PM

I think starting with cutting back on spending everywhere is not too simplistic. Everywhere spending can be cut, no matter how small, is good for Americans and our Country. I agree with you, Tim, we need to start cutting.

My husband is facing the reality that he will work longer until retirement. We spend less money now, and where we can find places to cut we cut.

I saw a comment above about surgery costing a lot of money, and lots of money beng made. That money is not being made by the surgeons. Quite a few years ago, surgeons had pay cuts of 25-35%. They usually make less than a family doctor these days,and they are the low guys on the salary totem poll in general surgery, even with more years required for surgical training. Because of federal laws, surgeons charge for a package plan for surgery which is supposed to cover the pre-and post operative care. A few years ago, my husband and I were surprised when we took our son to a podiatrist, because the bill was more than my husband charged to take out an appendix on someone! Dentists frequently make much more than a surgeon! So, who gets the money, is indeed a good question! Remember, also, most doctors work on set salaries,and are paid by either hospitals or corporations. So, who does get the money?

Getting back to the main point of cutting the excess, it does "Fry" me that illegal aliens from many different countries come in and abuse our system,do not follow the rules, disrespect America, and partake of free healthcare which is not free to Americans, and then we are talking about giving them more.

Our American children need college educations, not illegal aliens. The days of entitlement, I will vote for being over. I remember one young man being told last year by folks who had grant money that if he was black or Mexican, there were grants to give him to help him get through college. What happened?! I do see a lot of Americans who are hard working and deserving who can't get a break, others who break our U.S. laws are getting the breaks and perks. Something's wrong here! That upsets me.

So, we want to help our country financially? 1.Then we cut our spending, and make sure that
2. Congress cuts spending, (nothing is sacred!, all on the table!)
3. Stop giving free healthcare, and entitlements to illegal aliens, and secure our borders.
Thank you!

Connie M. on December 13, 2010 1:20 PM

My appologies for the comment "uneducated". I certain did not mean it to mean that the people here are not educated and as I was rethinking the comment (prior to you calling me out on it) I realized it is not what I meant to portray. Maybe my comment should have been "unreasearch" but either way "uneducated" was wrong and not what I meant to imply.

My reason for the link was to give people an idea of the hard numbers in the budget and how much an effect their ideas would have on the budget. I am pasionate about getting this out of control spending fixed and I just don't see how to do it without knowing the numbers.

I manage (but do not own) a business and am responsible for many budget type decisions. I never make decisions without knowing the hard numbers or without doing my research. I do have to also consider the human aspects of those decisions as well. My I-pod is full of business type podcasts which I listen to on the way to work, the way home from work while doing yard work and other periods of free time. I have an engineering degree in chemical engineering.

Let me retiorate I am pasionate about the budget not only in the USA but here in my State of California. I am disgusted by the gridlock and incompetence in State and and National government. I am amazed that we are on the verge of adding almost $900 billion to the deficit (fact) to get tax breaks for the people making over $250,000 and people having estates greater than $3.5 million(my opinion).

I try to be measured in this forum but my passion, like yours, does bubble out sometimes. Thank you for calling me on it this time. I will try to be more diplimatic in the future.

John C on December 13, 2010 3:56 PM

Many of our overseas military bases are supported by the local government. They pay for the locals who work on base and for most of the new construction that goes on. Our presence overseas is vital to American interests.

My cure:
1. Lets not give anything to illegals who have not paid into that system.
2. Welfare should not pay more than minimum wage. When Habib gets his job at 7-11 no one offers to pay him more based on how many kids he has. Welfare should be the same. I'd like to see it go away completely, but that's not going to happen.
3. No member of any government at any level gets retirement unless they serve for 20 years, just like the military. If they can't last for 20 years then they aren't listening to their people.
4. We probably need to move military (and government) retirements back at least 10 years to 30 years of service.
5. Close the borders! Stop the freeloaders and criminals.

Terry East on December 13, 2010 6:44 PM

It's easy to propose a cut in someone else's pay or benefits without understanding the details, isn't it? Your proposal to cut Federal salaries and benefits by 35% across the board demonstrates a shameful level of ignorance. Government employees are not all of one caliber any more than those in the private sector. You believe the nonsense about the average government employee being paid some 35% more than the average worker in the private sector. This is meaningless because the private sector includes many more minimum wage earners who flip hamburgers, deliver newspapers, etc., that have no equivalent in government. If you compare equivalent jobs in the government and in the private sector, a study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Office of Personnel Management showed that, on average, the Federal employee was paid 45% LESS than the private sector equivalent.

COMMENT BY Tim Carter:


With all due respect, I have to ask if you have a skin in this game. Are you a government employee?

Have you done a search on Google with this keyword phrase:

government pay vs private sector

If you did, and looked at many of the results, you'd have found this:

Note the fourth paragraph in the USA Today story. Ouch about the benefits!

Then this one:

Wow! 44 percent more in salary and 69 percent greater benefits. That article goes on to show a different group says government employees are undercompensated. I say that numbers don't lie.

Then here's something from the Cato Institute:

Yeouch! Check out the graph and the numbers on page one of that. It's pretty sobering.

Should I keep going? There are many, many more articles that drive home my point.

My proposal is harsh only because the current government pay level is artificially high. It's like the housing bubble - it's NOT sustainable. And as I've said in other posts here at the Fire Pit, government employees are not contributors to the GDP. Every cost associated with a government employee is paid for by the private sector. We here in the private sector have to earn all the money that pays for each government employee's salary and benefits. They contribute nothing.

A cut in pay will help to alleviate that problem and lessen the burden put on the private sector. Note that I never said layoffs or firings. If a government employee doesn't like the pay cut, they've got plenty of options. They can come over to the private sector and get a job or they can start their own business.

I have to tell you I love your last sentence. A government agency giving us a non-biased take on situation. The best analogy I can give at this hour is the day is the fox doing a security analysis of the hen house saying that all's secure.

Len Mordfin on December 14, 2010 5:05 PM

The math is simple 2.1 million federal employees cost to taxpayers 447 billion. each employee cost on average $214,000. The federal pension system added $67 billion to the national debt, social security still has a surplus. althougth the gov't has spent it. Cutting salaries and departments only make sense. But stopping the flight of jobs overseas is the only way to truely bring our economy back!

Dennis on December 15, 2010 9:49 AM

i stand before you with an open handed suggestion (take it or not) to eliminate the contentious dialog regarding illegals, retirees, gov't employees, and people with more money than you think they should have, to take a really hard look at the Fair Tax. The consumption based tax (backed by $2 million research) will eliminate virtually all taxes & the I.R.S. as well as creating a tax net that captures all segments of our society thereby creating equality for all. This in addition to the above posters comment on fair trade might just be the best chance we have to reign in the feds, create jobs by bringing back corporations to the U.S., and help stop the contentious dialogue between us all. The biggest problem w/ the Fair Tax ( is that this represents the biggest shift of power from the government to the people in history, effectively forcing the government to live within the budget and if they want to increase the tax, it could only be done by a majority vote of the people in a national referendum. This idea is currently being presented on the hill and is slowly gaining support from our legislators.

jim newman on December 16, 2010 11:32 AM

It used to be that working for the county meant that you couldn't make it on your own. It was a last ditch welfare job. That is a broad and unfair brush now, but without question, again, without question, government positions should never pay beyond comparable private sector work nor should the benefits exceed them either. And D*mnit, where is the FairTax? It is time to wipe out both democrats and republicans and have a Tea Party mentality majority! I dispise rino's more than democrats.

Steve Bukosky on December 19, 2010 3:53 PM

As my mind goes back to the late 70's I remember a giant sucking sound as our factory's started closing and moving, not only to Mexico but many
other foriegn countries. I pretty much knew then
that our tax base would come to the point of not
being able to support all of our perks. As our workers grew older,and technology changed more and more jobs were sent to china, india, and other countrys where cheap labor could be found.
The more jobs that left, the more regulations our leaders would come up with, making it practically impossible to produce anything here in America.
With all the regulations that presently exist I really don't know why anyone would try to start a business. I have talked to business owners here locally, most are operating on very little profit
Some of them never seem to get started because
they just don't feel that adhereing to all the regulations is worth it. I certainly can't blame them. My wife and I had a small craft shop and by the time we bought the insurance required and all that goes with it we could only stay open about a year. In short the Government is regulating businesses right out of business.
The safe food act is another regulation to look out for. It definitely will interfer with farm markets, roadside stands and the like. It's hard to say what's coming down the road. The EPA will creat some more havoc. It goes on and on.
The powers that be seem to have this uncanny power of going around congress. After we contend with all these regulatory entities we have people like Van Jones, Unions. G. Sorrus, and on and on.
Education is another point. I have nineteen Grandchildren, each and everyone are different. The oldest is a math and computor type guy, I have six that have there own bluegrass gospel band. Eleven are home schooled, the rest are in public school. I am here to tell you that there is a difference. One thing I do know is that it is impossible to put thirty students in one room and expect them all to excell at everything that is taught. Some are good with there hands, others are good at math, some are good at science. When the educations system starts to realize this, the better off we will be. When I went to school we were taught Mathmatics, science, biology, history, english. Anything else was left for college. Now in the public schools it seems thats where people like to push there agenda's. Like gay rights, sex education, and any other usless thing they can think of. I say all this to make a point. Are work force is dwindling fast, and unless we start to waking up China will own us.

Thank you Tim for all the work that you do for
the good of this great Country.

Ray Lindsey on December 25, 2010 12:23 PM
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