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Healthcare Update

Two issues ago, I believe, I asked for stories from Canadians and Texans. Well, our neighbors to the north came through. I loaded the emails to my blog. They are UNEDITED. If you discover spelling, grammatical, etc. errors, they are *not* mine. I wanted you to see what I got. Here are links to the stories I received:

Canada Health Care Part 1

Canada Health Care Part 2

Canada Health Care Part 3

Canada Health Care Part 4

Canada Health Care Part 5

I also heard from other people who didn't live in Canada, some very rude I might add, but Curtis had some great ideas. He wrote:

"Hi Tim,

First time e-mailer. Love your newsletter and tips. Also appreciated your two suggestions on health care reform.

Here are a few more suggestions: there needs to be built-in incentives in a health reform plan to encourage consumers to be thoughtful, cost containing consumers.

1. Establish a national health care provider Price Center on the web. All doctors, hospitals and clinics would be required by law to post their prices for all standard services. This would include dental and vision too. Organized by state and region this would be a driving force in moving costs lower.

2. Establish a national health insurance policy that must be sold by all insurance companies in the country across all state lines.

3. Establish and promote a national HSA eligible policy that provides incentives for saving unused dollars to our IRAs

(Mine has $16,000 tax free dollars in it now and I have been in it only for 5 years) NOTE: my HSA Eligible Health Insurance has increased in cost by only 1% per year over the past 5 years!!!!

4. For the working poor, this HSA system could add HSA saved dollars to their social security check at retirement. Change the law so that HSA deposits can not be removed period for none medical reasons until age 65.

Thanks for all you do,"

Curtis Sexton
La Pine, OR 97739

Curtis, be sure to send these ideas to your representatives.

My wife Kathy sent me this fascinating link about denials of care.

Finally, here are two excellent videos that I feel summarize many of my emotions that I have about the current Health Care Debate. Congressman Mike Rogers - Michigan's 8th District - simply nails it in these two short speeches he makes at two different committee meetings up on Capitol Hill:

September 24th Committee Meeting

Ron Thompson alerted me to the best of the two videos. Watch this second video and see if you don't agree.

Are you upset? If so, WRITE to your representatives now.

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