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Voter Fraud - Republican and Democrat Shenanigans

Steve, a frequent commenter on this blog, sent me an email overnight. It was about voter fraud

Here's Steve's email to me:

I know in the past you've done a couple of posts alerting people to incidents of voter fraud. Thought you'd like to see voter fraud in which a couple of people were actually indicted. You should do a post about this one.

The this one is an article in the Baltimore Sun online edition about two aides of former Maryland governor Robert L. Ehrlich who were indicted two days ago for initiating deceptive robo phone calls that were intended to suppress votes.

It's indeed great to see that people are being charged and there may be justice for those who commit voter fraud.

But realize that voter fraud is rampant. Both parties are guilty.

Here's the first one that popped into my mind about the Democrats doing it. This story from the Wall Street Journal does a great job of exposing the mystery of how in the world Al Franken got elected in the great state of Minnesota.

Voter fraud is all about power. Plain and simple. There will always be those who crave and desire power over others.

Our Founding Fathers realized this. This is why the US Constitution is such a magical document.

Those who crave power - and right now the liberals in this nation seem hell bent on it - want to do away with the Constitution, or modify it in such a way as to get away from it's original meaning.

Remember, if you read the US Constitution, you'll see that the Government was supposed to have VERY LITTLE power and a small imprint on our daily lives.

That's not the case now, and unless it's changed back to the way it was, it will be the downfall of this great Republic.


Tim, the one thing I can't understand is the opposition to ID at the polls. I may be wrong, but it seems as if this opposition is by the liberals and the democrats.

When I vote, I have to show a photo ID and a voter's registration card. I am then checked to a list of registered voters in my precinct. I asked for my physical address which has to match the one on the list. Then and only then do I get to go to the voting booth.

I have no problem with this. In my opinion, those that do have a problem are just asking for fraud.

BobInVa on June 19, 2011 1:20 PM

I, unfortunately, am a citizen of the state of Minnesota and remember the Franken/Coleman fiasco quite well. I remember wondering what in the sam hill was going on when they'd announce a few more votes in Franken's favor, but absolutely no chance in Coleman's total. Quite odd right there.

I too agree with Bob in that, as a law respecting citizen, I have NO problem with presenting my photo ID at the polls. It scares me that all one has to do is have a "friend" vouch for them at some polls, and even don't need that much at times too. Just gotta give the polling officials a legitimate address and you're in. And with Obama and the liberal's push to legalize illegal immigrants in order to gain even more votes for the democrats, we need to put in place some sort of insurance that those people voting are actual legal, tax-paying citizens of that area. I'd have no problem requiring the voters to be TAX-PAYING citizens as well. If you're not contributing to this country, then you have no right to vote. Maybe a little extreme, but what do you think, Tim?

Seth In Minnesota on June 26, 2011 6:36 PM

I agree with Steve when it comes to disenfranchising groups. However this quote, attributed to Ben Franklin comes to mind:

"When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic".

This is probably taking the thread way off course, but this story comes to mind when such a high percentage of the citizens pay no taxes.

Every evening, the same 10 friends eat dinner together, family style, at the same restaurant. The bill for all 10 comes to $100. They always pay it the way we pay taxes:
• The first four are poor and pay nothing.
• The fifth pays $1.
• The sixth pays $3.
• The seventh, $7
• The eighth, $12.
• The ninth, $18.
• The 10th, (the most well-to-do) pays $59.

One night the restaurant owner announces that because they're such good customers, he's dropping their group dinner bill to $80. Let's call that a tax cut. They want to continue paying their bill as we pay taxes. So the four poorest men still eat free. But if the other six split the $20 tax cut evenly, each would save $3.33. That means the fifth and sixth men would end up being paid to eat. The restaurant owner works out a plan: The fifth man eats free; the sixth pays $2; the seventh, $5; the eighth, $9; the ninth, $12; and the 10th guy pays $52. All six are better off than before, and the four poor guys still eat for nothing. The trouble starts when they leave the restaurant and begin to compare what they reaped from the $20 cut. "I only got a dollar of it," says the sixth man, "but he (pointing at No. 10) got $7." The fifth guy, who also saved a dollar by getting his meal free, agrees that it's not fair for the richest to get seven times the savings as he. No. 7, grousing that the wealthy get all the breaks, points out that he only got two bucks. "Wait a minute," the first four poor guys yell in unison. "We didn't get anything at all. The system exploits the poor!" The nine men jump the 10th and administer a severe beating. The next night he doesn't come for dinner. They shrug it off and eat without him. The customary $80 bill comes. Surprise! They're $52 short.

Bob in VA on July 4, 2011 1:36 PM

Or perhaps he moved out of the country.

Bob in VA on July 11, 2011 9:43 AM

We are told that if an ID is required at the polls that it will make it difficult for some people to vote. There are legitimate Id's available if one does not drive. So many places require an ID in our lives and it seems that the only time anyone complains is when it is time to vote. We need honest and legitimate citizens voting and it is up to the individual to make sure they take care of that problem if they don't drive. Voter fraud, Medicare fraud,Medicaid fraud all need to be addressed, and there is no better time to start than right now.

Bob Neveux on July 17, 2011 10:24 AM

Hello, Tim Carter, If we default as a country, "we the people" will be the ones who take the cuts. The elite rich don't care, "THEY" have lots of money and may have to cut back on polo ponies a little. Were about to get into the same shape of Italy and greese and would already be there if the fed didn't have a printing press. Have to remember that the rest of the world copied the american bankster system of kicking the can down the road. Now you know why the euro was created, to set the rest of the world up for the coming changes. I've had a theory for some time now as to what the N.W.O / "THEY" crowd have been planning for some time now. "THEY" have wanted a one world monetary system, like the fed. "THEY" are in the process of destroying the worlds paper money system. As usual, "THEY" create a problem and come up with "the fix" that is to their advantage. As Baron D' Rothchild said, I care not who runs a country if "I" control the money. I'm sure it's unfolding as we speak ! I have prepared for some very difficult times that are headed our way. The congress has only one choice before aug. 3rd, Raise the debt limit and creat more price inflation for us the little guy. If they don't, the gov't will have to cut everything 40% across the board. AND - you know that will be social security that has a paid up account full of I.O.U.'s from those in the D. istrict of C. riminals ! NO ONE would get relected and they know it, so prepare for price inflation. Fridays close - gold $ 1595.80 oz. silver $ 38.89 oz. Want to bet, gold breaks $1600 next week ? Spain will be next . My appoligies, I got a little long winded. God bless G -

Gordon Smith on July 17, 2011 6:39 PM

Steve, requiring voter ID is not unconstitutional. If it was we would not have the requirements to present ID here in Virginia when we vote. Take a look here:
The ACLU would have been on this like "white on rice".
You may not be old enough to remember the 1960 presidential election, but the fraud in Cook county Illinois and a number of counties in Texas may have swung the election. Of course, the saying in Chicago is "vote early and vote often".
In Texas, ballot boxes came up missing, and there were even a few deaths involved afterward to some close to those ballots.
We all have certain rights, no argument there, but with those rights come responsibilities.
You mention fraud in Medicare and Medicaid. Of course that is another problem that should be taken much more to heart. I have no idea how many have been prosecuted for that type of fraud.
In the "four or five" prosecuted for voter fraud, how many actual votes were involved.
We have laws protecting us from fraud in almost every activity. I would still think that protecting the right to vote for everyone is as important, if not more so, than most anything else. Stating that everyone has the right to vote should not include those deceased and those that vote by proxy.

Bob in VA on July 18, 2011 9:54 AM

Steve, I would love to see that research.

I was a poll worker in 2008, and we had more democrat votes than ever before and a larger turnout than ever before. McCain won about 65% of the vote in our little town. The republicans usually get about 75% of the vote. The voter ID requirement did not seem to suppress any votes.

We did have one person trying to vote with another person's ID. Another trying to vote after voting absentee. If we had not had the ID requirements, these two would have voted.

Just because only 4 or 5 cases as you say, have been found, if you believe that fraud still does not occur, I have a bridge you may like to buy.

And yes, the constitution does have requirements to vote. Voter ID is a way to make sure those requirements are met.

And by the way Tim, if you read this, I see no way to get an email to you.

Bob in VA on July 18, 2011 6:08 PM

Steve, I am going to type this slowly.

First, in my precinct, there were more votes than usual. McCain's numbers were not down from the norm. The increased vote were from people that don't usually bother to vote. I am not talking about hundreds of votes here. I live in the only incorprated town in a rural county. The total vote in the precinct is usually around 500. In 2008 it rose to just over 550. And, there was no population increase to speak of. You care take that and make anything you wish.

Hold water or not, I was there as a poll worker. Perhaps you don't know what a poll worker does. It would take to much space to go into an explaination, but, I had the list of registered voters, and as they come to the desk, the clerk takes their ID, checks it against the list, checks the photo ID and askes them for their physical address. If all matches, they are directed to the voting booths, in this case, the voting machines (computers). A person does not walk around with someone else's voter ID in their wallet.

As for the absentee ballot voter, I didn't say he was smart.

So, if authorities can't find a crime, then the crime doesn't exist. I don't think that holds much water either.

Exactly, you must be a citizen to vote. So, if someone shows up, claims he is "John Doe", that is fine with you, althought he may not be John at all. Fine, John is a citizen, but this guy is not John. How naive can you get? No one is having to prove he is a citizen, but verify that he is the person he says he is.

As far as you claim for only 4 or 5 instances in the last 10 years, there were more than that in the 2008 and 2010 elections. Some not investigated because, as Stalin said, it is not the votes that win elections, but the vote counters.

One can do research, and come up with both sides. I had rather be on the safe side when it comes to my vote.

I think about two thirds of the states have voter ID requirements. I understand the left coast states do not. If you want it that way fine. I had rather verify.

Besides possible voter fraud in this area, there are other types. Having worked in the computer industry most of my civilian life before I retired, I have a complete mistrust of this type of voting. Call me old fashioned, but I had rather have a paper ballot anytime. The trail is always there for anyone to follow.

Tim, if you find my comments are too long, I will apologize here, and will try to keep them shorter. I am beginning to see why you called this the "Fire Pit" since I had to cool off before responding.

Bob in VA on July 20, 2011 9:23 AM

Steve, yes, vote fraud DOES HAPPEN!!!!!!
I am a small government guy. Our law has not added any cost or manpower to the state or local governments.
There are all sorts of laws that prevent people from doing what they would not do.
I am not enamored about any law, but common sense sometimes requires laws like this.
As I said, just because someone does not get caught or prosecuted doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I still think verification is a good way to handle this.
Yep, the computerized voting is going to jump up and bite us one day. (it appears it already has in a few cases)

COMMENT BY Tim Carter:

Bob, I wanted to give you a heads up. Steve may not respond to your final comment.

I talked with him offlist about prolonging threads and about edging up to the line of disrespect.

It's my feeling that you both have made your points and it's my turn to come up with a new post that you can weigh in on.

I'll be loading one soon about an interview with one of the founders of Home Depot. Wait till you see what he says about President Obama.

Bob in VA on July 23, 2011 9:29 AM

Steve, I enjoyed it also. Getting on blogs like this keeps the old brain cells active. I doubt if I could convince anyone of anything, since I am not a great debater. I have prided myself in being a problem solver. The older I get it seems like problems just never go away. I had mentioned in another thread that I support Herman Cain and you correctly pointed out that was un-necessary in that thread. Mr. Cain is a problem solver, so I can identify with him. (I know, off subject)
If you ever have the chance to work in a polling place, it can be an eye opening experience in a heated election. I won't be doing that anymore because my hearing is getting worse and you have to be able to understand what the voter is saying as they present their ID and speak their name and address. The military days got loud at time, LOL.

Bob in VA on August 12, 2011 11:42 AM
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