Copyright and Government Websites

In a recent Fire Pit post, I mentioned how I chuckled at the copyright notice on one of the University of New Hampshire subsidiary websites, NH Listens.

Posted by Tim Carter at 9:50 AM

Granite State Futures New Hampshire Business Review

On April 19, 2013 the New Hampshire Business Review published a column about the Granite State Future. It was fairly well researched by the reporter Kathleen Callahan, but as with many newspaper articles not everything makes it into the article for any number of reasons. I suggest you read the article before you go much further.

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Delphi Technique and NH Listens - You Judge

As you might expect, I have different alerts set up to notify me when new information is published on the Internet. It might be articles, videos, just about anything. To set up an alert service on Bing, just type Bing News Alerts into and follow the directions.

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DoubleSpeak - Tell the Truth, You're Pro-Abortion

Doublespeak came from the classic book 1984---not exactly, but it is attributed to George Orwell. The left manipulates words. They find ones suitable for the public consumption. Words that will not offend, but instead put a positive spin on something that is a negative.

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